Improving Productivity and Assuring Quality for Industries



  • Quality and productivity improvements by leveraging connected end products, shop floor and enterprise
  • Streamlined operations to reduce costs
  • Improved asset utilisation
  • Rectify problem at an earlier stage with pro-active asset management
  • Efficient spare parts management
  • Enhance process compliance


  • Integrating sensors and making assets intelligent
  • Deploying the communication infrastructure
  • Interpret data using analytics and applications to target the business problems
  • Making sure solution is scalable and flexible
  • Ensuring minimum disruption of ongoing operations during implementation

soluSolution for you

  • Formulating a customised IoT strategy
  • Selecting the right sensors, hardware, software and communication protocols to connect assets and acquire data
  • Build algorithms and applications to process the data
  • Provide a complete solution so that you can focus on your core business



  • Automation of quality check of manufactured parts using machine vision algorithms that check for deviation against a template.
  • Quality checks using image processing to detect defects on the surface of manufactured parts.
  • Making 100% inspection of manufactured parts during production a reality.
  • Gauging the dimensions of a part, to determine if the part meets tolerances, using high resolution images and machine vision algorithms.

Alarms for theft and people in hazardous areas

  • Can generate alarms if people presence is detected in sensitive zones or in the event of attempted theft

Optical character Recognition

  • Identification and cataloging of manufactured parts using OCR


  • Selecting appropriate cameras
  • Integration with enterprise communication infrastructure
  • Selecting the right servers for computation and storage

soluSolution for you

  • Customisation and integration of Ignitarium’s machine vision algorithms
  • Integration with IoT infrastructure

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