IoT : ALT-i

Track what is important to you at centimeter-level accuracy.
Indoors or outdoors, ALT-i has you covered.

Precision tracking of assets - be it objects or living things - can add a new dimension to your IoT deployments. From improving operational efficiencies to unlocking new monetisation models, Real Time Location Tracking is fast becoming a means for businesses to differentiate themselves. Don't be just another pin on a heatmap.
Let ALT-i help your business stand out from the crowd.

Key Features of ALT-i

  • Automated System which can be used to detect assets in indoor and outdoor environments within an accuracy of 50cm
  • High tag density and long battery life
  • Sophisticated multi-lateration algorithms [TOA and TDOA], using data from anchors and tags to generate the coordinates
  • Use cases for Automotive, Healthcare, Industrial and Consumer
  • End-to-End solution consisting of hardware, software and mobility stacks. Tag movement displayed in real time on an Android application
iot - key features of ALT-i


  • Low power consumption; battery life up to 2 years
  • High Tag density – up to 500 per zone
  • Auto Commissioning of anchors
  • Customisable software stack for targeted application
iot - highlights of ALT-i

ALT-i Product

alt-i logo
  • Inter-component wireless communication using UWB PHY IEEE 802.15.4a
  • Low power M-class ARM Microcontroller based implementation
  • Ultra-low power design with battery life extendable to years; Operation range up to 50m
  • Accelerometer based system optimisation + sensor fusion opportunities via additional sensors
  • SW configurable for realization on various MCU families
  • System control and fail-safe mechanisms via configurable modules
  • Clean API definitions to allow optimal integration with user applications
  • Efficient 2D visualization on Android frameworks and applications
  • Future support for Open Thread IPv6, 6LoWPAN Mesh implementations
  • Support for various ranging algorithms including TOA and TDOA
  • Precise location-ing techniques to meet sub-50cm accuracy numbers
  • Update rates and periodicity configurable from 250ms to 60seconds
  • Support for run-time diagnostics and application driven edge analytics
  • Data integration into cloud based platforms based on REST API
  • Cloud based system configuration, diagnostics and tuning modules
  • Redundant gateway to cloud server protocols to improve system reliability
  • Application specific Analytics modules running on private clouds
  • High quality visualisation via Dashboards on remote desktops


ALT-i was born out of our team's vast experience in multiple wireless technologies and more specifically deep algorithmic know-how in the fields of beaconing, ranging and multi-lateration. The core technology is augmented by Cloud Connect, visualisation and analytics engines to create an offering that is practically deployable - today.

Internet of Things - Indoor & Outdoor

Indoor & Outdoor

Navigate and track with seamless handover between indoor and outdoor environments

Internet of Things - High Tag Density

High Tag Density

Robust co-existence algorithms allowing thousands of objects to be tracked in real time

Internet of Things - Scalable Solution

Scalable Solution

Allows deployment across large target areas while minimizing anchor / beacon counts

Internet of Things - Consistent 50cm Accuracy

Consistent 50cm Accuracy

Reliable tag tracking accuracy of sub-50cm even in dense deployment scenarios

Internet of Things - Complete Solution HW+SW+Android Application

Complete Solution HW+SW+Android Application

Ready to deploy solution integrating hardware, software, Apps and Cloud Dashboards

Internet of Things - Highly Customized System Management

Highly Customized System Management

Provisioning, commissioning and updates using Remote management infrastructure

Internet of Things - Low Power Friendly Architecture

Low Power Friendly Architecture

Low-Power-first architecture from the word go, enhanced by sensor fusion techniques

Use cases

ALT-i - Smart Hospital

Smart Hospital

From medical equipment tracking to enhancing a patient's in-hospital experience, ALT-i can make a difference.

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ALT-i - Warehouse Tracking & Safety

Warehouse Tracking & Safety

Serves to improve productivity on the shop floor and enhance worker safety with precise location tracking.

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ALT-i Demo

Internet of Things - Outdoor tracking

Outdoor tracking

ALT-i in action tracking the precise movements of a car in an open space.

Internet of Things - Outdoor tracking
Internet of Things - Indoor tracking
Internet of Things - Multi-Object tracking
Internet of Things - Camera Tracker via RTLS