Vision Intelligence: FLK-i

Inspired by birds of prey.
See the bigger picture with FLK-iTM. (The smaller picture too.)

There is a wealth of information to be mined out of every scene – be it one captured by a conventional video camera or a modern 3D LIDAR. Ignitarium’s FLK-i™ platform applies AI-based Scene Analytics techniques to unearth those vital pieces of information that are important to you – be it for safety, compliance or automation.

Key Features of FLK-i

  • Accurate scene analytics on still and moving images
  • Support a variety of “image” sensors – RGB, IR, thermal, LIDAR, RADAR
  • Supports temporal and spatial analytics
  • Simultaneous Multi-sensor scene analytics support
  • Advanced Hybrid algorithms merging classical CV and DL techniques
  • In-field Customer Re-trainable architecture
  • Custom Neural Networks that minimize the requirement for vast training data sets
  • Multiple deployment modes - edge, in-premise server and cloud based
  • Solution scalable from low-cost micro-controllers to GPUs
FLK-i - Vision Intelligence for the Smart Factory

FLK-i Product

FLK-i - Industrial defect detection and quality assurance


The FLK-i platform is a library of software components that allows building a complete glass-to-glass imaging pipeline to perform complex scene analytics. Using advanced processing algorithms and proprietary neural networks, it is now possible to perform a mix of object, pattern and event analytics on input data streams originating from a multiplicity of diverse pixel and point cloud sensors.

Visual Deep Learning - In-field trainable SDK

In-field trainable SDK

SDK to allow quick deployment and re-tuning of pipeline for various application scenarios

Visual Deep Learning - Scalable across platforms

Scalable across platforms

Rich library that enables porting of analytics components across diverse hardware platforms ranging from MCUs to GPUs

Visual Deep Learning - Minimal training set

Minimal training set

Advanced custom neural networks that can be trained for high accuracy inference with minimal data sets

Use cases

FLK-i in Action



Workmen safety in construction sites and factories
FLK-i in-field training
 Tracking social distancing

Deployment Models

On-premise server