We specialize in Semiconductor design, Multimedia & Imaging, Connectivity, Cloud & Enterprise, Machine Learning & Deep Neural Networks. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we meet all standards for quality assurance and process compliance.


Silicon engineering done the old-fashioned way. Backed by state of the art tools and methodologies.


Assembly language to Applications.

And everything in between. Full-stack – truly.


Ignitarium TYQ-i

TYQ-i® is our deep neural network based visual AI platform custom built for defect detection and quality assurance in infrastructure and industrial use cases.

Ignitarium Flk-i

FLK-i® is our deep learning based visual AI digital adherence platform for safety, compliance and automation.

Ignitarium Septra

Septra®, our DSP and AI based audio platform enables voice-controlled Human Machine interactions.


In this webinar ‘Android Codec 2.0: Implementation and Architecture, you will learn about the Android Multimedia framework, why Codec 2.0, its advantages, architecture and issues / solutions.
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Ignitarium is proud to be cosponsoring and participating at the IESA AI Summit 2022, being held on May 11 & 12, 2022. IESA AI Summit 2022 is a global virtual summit with an objective of sharing insights on how AI is driving the hardware and software ecosystem across industry verticals. With a global audience of 5K+ delegates from 100+ countries, the 2-day summit has a lineup of …

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YouTube undoubtedly is the leading video streaming platform, and with the advent of new technologies from sensor, semiconductors and broadcasting technologies, the quality of video keeps improving manyfold.

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