We specialize in Semiconductor design, Multimedia & Imaging, Connectivity, Cloud & Enterprise, Machine Learning & Deep Neural Networks. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we meet all standards for quality assurance and process compliance.


Silicon engineering done the old-fashioned way. Backed by state of the art tools and methodologies.


Assembly language to Applications.

And everything in between. Full-stack – truly.


Ignitarium TYQ-i

TYQ-i™ is our deep neural network based visual AI platform custom built for defect detection and quality assurance in infrastructure and industrial use cases.

Ignitarium Flk-i

FLK-i™ is our deep learning based visual AI digital adherence platform for safety, compliance and automation.

Ignitarium Septra

Septra™, our DSP and AI based audio platform enables voice-controlled Human Machine interactions.


PowerBots in PowerArtist featured image
Early power analysis in System-on-chip (SoC) design is a hot topic today. The power budget of electronic devices is decreasing every day even though area and complexity are increasing. The situation is the same for wired and wireless devices. A wireless device cannot afford to have higher power simply because that will increase the battery consumption, whereas …

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MLOps Photo
This blog is to stress the importance of MLOps in the ML project lifecycle, assert the necessity of MLOps in the context of the entire Software industry, explain its relevance within the context of DevOps, and how the changing Software development environment and processes help the ascend towards the peak of the Digital Revolution.  MLOps …

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Ignitarium in Zinnov Zones 2021
Ignitarium’s position as a provider of engineering R&D services to Semiconductor, AI and Automotive (focused on ADAS) domains has been strengthened by the Zinnov Zones 2021 ratings. The company has been featured in the Execution Zone for Semiconductors, as an Expansive and Emerging player in the AI Engineering Services category; and in the Breakout Zone …

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