We specialize in Semiconductor design, Multimedia & Imaging, Connectivity, Cloud & Mobility, Machine Learning & Deep Neural Networks.



Semiconductor: Architectural Consulting

Silicon engineering done the old-fashioned way.
Backed by state of the art tools and methodologies.


Connectity software expertise bangalore

Assembly language to Applications.
And everything in between. Full-stack - truly.


Internet of Things (IoT)  ALT- i  sub-meter accuracy RTLS

ALT-i is our high precision asset tracking solution that is optimized for sub-50cm accurate positioning of objects moving in harsh indoor environments.

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TYQ-i  Vision Intelligence for the Smart Factory

TYQ-i is our deep neural network based visual AI platform custom built for defect detection and quality assurance in industrial use cases.

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News & Views

Industrial IC design: Functional Safety and Smart Embedded Processing

Among all market segments addressed by the integrated circuit (IC) industry, Industrial is probably the most diverse with applications ranging from plant automation, power conversion...

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Human Brain vs Artificial Intelligence Systems

Artificial Intelligence has been assuming significance beyond academic debates in the past couple of years. Google and Facebook claims that they now have face recognition systems based on AI that can beat humans at the task.

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The Internet of Things : Beyond the Hype

IoT seems to have crossed its Hype Cycle peak somewhere in 2016 and is well heading into the Troughs of Despair. The ubiquitous IoT device still remains the mobile phone with people preferring to use more of the integrated sensors in mobiles rather than discrete sensors.

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Partnerships & Alliances

Video and imaging experts in Banglore
ARM SoC architects in Banglore
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AI, ML and DL experts in Banglore
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ARM SoC architects in Kochi
AI, ML and DL experts in Kochi
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