Cruise along into the future of mobility

Building next-gen, AI-enabled, high-compute SoCs along with complex software stacks for Software-Defined Mobility systems that are inherently safe and secure, by leveraging our experience in Semiconductor design, Embedded and Digital Software.

Analytics & Digital

Embedded Software

Semiconductor Services


‘Early Video’ in Android Automotive on NXP i.MX8QM

QNX Safety Hypervisor on NXP i.MX8QM

AGL-based Infotainment and Digital Cluster on NXP i.MX8M Quad


'Early Audio' in Android Automotive on NXP i.MX8 Quad Max

Driver Monitoring System on TI TDA4VM

3D LIDAR based Vehicle Detection on TI TDA4VM


ML-based Parameter Prediction of Battery-Management-System

Android Automotive on NXP i.MX8QM

FuSa capabilities


Case Studies

Functional Safety

ISO9001 Company specialized in IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 standards

Functional safety-compliant hardware and software development processes

Enabling customer products up to ASIL-D and SIL-3 systems

TUV certified FUSA experts on Hardware and Software

V-Model image

What we offer:

SoC & Software Consulting:

  • Architecture consulting for automotive designs
  • Functional Safety Architecture & implementation
  • Work products for ASIL certification

Gap Analysis:

  • Identify the gaps in hardware and software modules
  • Review documents and process followed

Pilot Functional Safety Projects:

  • Modify the implementations based on the identified gaps
  • Create work products to prove compliance

Functional Safety implementations:

  • Identify relevant work products for the project
  • Rework content and the process to make the modules or libraries Functional Safety compliant

Conceptual Design

  • Software, IP & SoC Design compliant to ISO26262
  • Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment
  • Safety Goals
  • HARA Report .


  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • Fault Insertion Tests
  • Safety Analysis
  • Interference Freeness, Dependent Failures and Common Cause Failure (CCF)

Verification & Validation

  • Safety Test Cases development
  • Error Injection
  • Safety Validation Testing
  • Safety Compliance
  • Safety Report
FuSa Checklist template


Embedded Software

We have years of experience in developing low-level software on MCUs and advanced domain controllers from all major automotive semiconductor vendors. Throw in our vast expertise in all flavors of in-vehicle data transport networks as well as traditional (distributed) to modern (zonal or centralized) and futuristic SDV compute architectures, and our proven track record in complex peripheral drivers, basic software, Automotive OS-es, middleware and media pipelines.

Stitch everything together via our ISO26262 and ASPICE compliant software design processes, and you are ready to bring world-class automotive embedded systems to life.

Embedded Software

Safety Compliance – ISO26262, ASPICE

Low-level Basic Software, AUTOSAR, MCAL and driver development

Hypervisor, Multi OS support such as QNX, AAOS on Automotive platforms

Interface and Software stack bring up

Sensor [Camera, LiDAR & RADAR] support and peripheral software development

Diagnostic & Debug software development

System Validation

Static & Dynamic Analysis, MISRA C compliance, Coverage

Automotive protocol testing, CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, LIN, higher level protocols (UDS, ISO-TP)

Unit, Integration and System level testing

Different levels of testing [Whitebox, Blackbox, Functional, Performance]

Automation of Pipelines and regression testing

Dynamic report generation


Customization and Integration of Audio, Video Filters into Android Frameworks

Middleware development and testing

Audio integration & Porting

Development & Integration of Audio, Video Components on proprietary multimedia frameworks

Optimizations of Early paths for Audio and Video

Safety Compliance – ISO26262, ASPICE

GAP analysis for Software Products

Safety Test case Development, Validation and Reporting

Pilot Safety Projects

Functional Safety Implementation, MISRA C conformance

Analytics & Digital Services

Ignitarium offers development and optimization of Deep Learning AI models operating on data feeds from Camera, LiDAR and RADAR sensors. Our multi-modality data fusion expertise combined with live & synthetic data management knowhow allows us to create perception software that meet the needs of future mobility systems.

Add to this microservices frameworks that can seamlessly and securely connect containerized in-vehicle applications to their digital twins on cloud, and you have all the ingredients required for building the next generation Cloud-connected Software Defined Vehicle.


Model Development for various sensor feeds [2D/3D Camera, LiDAR, RADAR]

Multi-modal Sensor Fusion

DL model porting and optimization on heterogeneous compute

Benchmarking and Validation of Models

Digital Services

Full stack App development

Vehicle to Cloud (Service Oriented Architecture)

DevOps & MLOps pipeline creation and optimization

Data Preparation for Deep Learning

Data Annotation

Synthetic Data Generation

Simulation (Gazebo, Unity)

Battery Management System (BMS) Analytics

Prediction of State-Of-Charge (SOC), State-Of-Health (SOH), Remaining-Useful-Life (RUL)

Real-time prediction of BMS parameters via applications running on in-vehicle MCUs

Cloud-based Digital Twins of in-vehicle BMS applications

Off-line Cloud-based analytics of long term BMS parameters from multiple EVs

Semiconductor Services
VLSI services

SoC Architecture & Design

Multi-core heterogeneous SoC architecture, design and integration services


SoC verification, analog / digital interface design, DSP block design

Quality Assurance

QA, debug, and validation infrastructure setup for single-core and multi-core Automotive SoCs


ISO26262-compliant architecture, micro-architecture, design and implementation of SoCs

Platforms, Frameworks, & Tools

Hardware Platforms


Model based design




Platform Software Driver Development and System Validation

    FuSa Qualification of an Automotive SoC

      Development of an Automotive SoC

        OpenOCD debug framework support over JTAG