From whiteboard to system. From scribbles to silicon.

We understand that market differentiation of a new product is attained not merely by targeting power, performance, area and cost goals but by addressing deeper nuances like security and safety requirements. From Hardware / Software partitioning of a system to Math / DSP intensive designs, from IP-based to all-scratch ASICs, our architects have delivered numerous production-proven architectural specifications.

Do it right with Ignitarium.

Automotive SoCs: Safety and Security driven Architectures

An Automotive SoC design is driven heavily by safety compliance goals (ISO 26262) and of late, as the world becomes more connected, based on security goals. Ignitarium understands these key considerations and helps make the right decisions during the architecture process.

Lock-step and redundancy architectures including design with Cortex R series processors

DFMEA Analysis for failure modes

Fault Detection mechanisms

Embedded Flash based designs

Trust-zone implementations

A certified Arm FuSa partner with vast experience working on ASIL-C and ASIL-D class designs, Ignitarium has developed the depth and rigor required for automotive designs.

Multimedia SoCs and FPGAs: System Architecture to micro architecture

At Ignitarium we understand what it takes to deliver immersive audio and video experiences in multiple device form factors, starting from smart TVs, VR headsets and handheld mobile devices. Our expertise includes :

High speed video interfaces like HDMI, Display Port, MIPI and relevant IP Cores

Video and graphics processing elements like Mali-GPU, VPU, Display cores and DolbyVision

Audio Codecs and interface standards

Optimum system component selection and FPGA based architectures

Performance analysis for multimedia architectures

Add to the above our correct-by-construction approach and you are guaranteed a stunning visual and auditory experience on your next Multimedia design.

ARM-ed & Ready: IoT class to Server class

Ignitarium carries a legacy of working on 60+ ARM based designs catering to a wide range of market segments like IoT, Consumer electronics, Automotive, security and industrial applications. Name any ingredient that needs to go into getting an ARM based SoC and our team would have worked on it.

Cortex A, R and M series microprocessors

NIC and NOC bus architectures

Trust Zone capabilities

PrimeCells for DMA, peripheral communication and other system elements

Debug and Trace architectures

Co-processing elements like GPU and VPU

Third party IPs for security, high speed connectivity like USB, Ethernet and multimedia cores

Ultra-low power SoCs

Combining the above knowhow with an ability to drive key design decisions based on technology nodes, DFT/DFM considerations and PPA goals makes Ignitarium your right partner in your ARM SoC journey.

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