Next-gen AI applications? Complex Image Processing? Go Green.

As an NVIDIA® Jetson™ Ecosystem Partner and an early NVIDIA Inception program member, we are uniquely positioned to deliver custom solutions on NVIDIA embedded platforms as well as server-class GPUs in applications ranging from industrial, security, medical and automotive.

Comprehensive solutions around NVIDIA

We specialize in developing purpose-built solutions leveraging the breadth of NVIDIA's software frameworks, tools and hardware platforms:

Custom imaging, video and audio algorithms

Custom Neural Network development

NVIDIA CUDA® Kernel level programming

Dataset preparation, annotation and augmentation

Model benchmarking & optimisation

Model integration with multimedia pipelines

Real-time or Off-line Analytics implementations

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Native development on NVIDIA

Our own AI-driven products are natively developed on NVIDIA platforms, leveraging the 25,000+ GPU cores in our R&D Labs

TYQ-i™, our industrial defect detection platform is field deployed on the Jetson TX2 and Jetson Nano modules

FLK-i™, our digital adherence platform is powered by the Jetson TX2 module

Craiyon, our automated data annotation software framework is optimized for the TITAN family of GPUs

TYQ-i Demo

Dynamic Object tracking and Gimbal Control

Request for Video

    Dynamic Object Tracking and Gimbal Control

    Tyq-i in action: Tracking an object of interest