Revolutionizing tech solutions with Digital Services, simplifying lives, and driving digital transformation worldwide.

At Ignitarium, Digital is not merely a buzzword; it is deeply ingrained in our all-connected engineering DNA. We provide services to our customers in the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare and Industrial verticals. From product conceptualization through the entire project life cycle, including scope definition, development, testing, deployment and maintenance, we are right with you.

Do it right with Ignitarium.


Edge to Cloud

Tools & Applications


Ignitarium's Advantage


Reusable components reduce development time for customer teams


Ability to deliver quick prototypes, scale the solution to product quality

Significant Cost Savings

Enabled by automating traditional labour-intensive tasks


In today’s evolving landscape, adoption of cloud technology is paramount for organizations to maximize their capabilities and streamline operations. Our platform architectures are characterized by

Multi tenancy - to enable efficient resource allocation and cost optimization

Micro services / Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) - to modularise components which are also easy to develop, deploy and maintain

Event driven architecture - to respond swiftly to your dynamic market demands

Scalability - to effortlessly scale performance during peak periods

Secure and monitored - to avoid unplanned downtimes

Our architecture helps you in focusing on driving innovation, enhance efficiency and achieving sustainable growth without worrying about application or infrastructure scalability and security.

How our platforms can help your business

Ignitarium TYQ-i

TYQ-i® is our deep neural network based visual AI platform custom built for defect detection and quality assurance in infrastructure and industrial use cases.

Ignitarium Flk-i

FLK-i® is our deep learning based visual AI digital adherence platform for safety, compliance and automation.

Edge to Cloud

Edge to Cloud computing is a paradigm that combines the capabilities of edge computing and cloud computing, offering numerous benefits to organizations across various industries. Our experience in building embedded applications along with our cloud engineering expertise allow us to offer the following capabilities:

Device Orchestration – orchestrate service deployments on remote devices enabling centralized management and control of a diverse array of devices

Over The Air updates (OTA) – seamless upgrade of firmware or software across a vast network of devices

Data streaming – ensuring efficiency in receiving streams of data

(multimedia / text), storage and consumption of data by down stream services

Tools and Applications

Organizations, over time, have accumulated many standalone tools addressing various business needs. These tools may be technologically outdated and may now be a bottleneck to efficiency. We offer a range of services to help you meet business demands through new tool development or can modernize your current set of tools / applications.

User experience enhancements – create intuitive and visually appealing interfaces, resulting in seamless interactions and increased customer satisfaction. User journey mapping, UI building tools and our iterative approach to design modern and coherent GUIs can enhance the experience across a wide range of users – your customers, partners or employees

Architecture – our architects are adept at not just making technology designs and choices, but also understand your business goals providing you with a product that can sustain your business’ growing demands

Full Stack application development expertise – Our cloud and application expertise can help modernize an obsolete, standalone, monolithic application into a scalable, performant, secure, integrable modern software

DevOps practice – Our development practice is well complemented by our DevOps practitioners who can transform your development processes by employing industry standard procedures.

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