Autonomous Robots | Vision & Audio Analytics

Look no further.

Ignitarium is poised to deliver highly optimized software solutions for engineers using

Texas Instruments processors in robotics and other industrial systems.

AI Software Applications

Deep Learning based Sensor AI applications

Perception for mobility (Camera, Lidar and Radar, with sensor fusion)

Video Analytics (Object Detection, Anomaly Detection)

Audio Analytics (Noise Suppression, Voice Activity Detection)

Autonomous Robotic Systems

Robotics Software Development

Sensor Integration, Platform development for quick prototyping

Developing custom applications and use cases

ROS-docker for easy development, testing & deployment

Navigation stack development

Motion Controller

Path Planning

Localization on pre-build map using SLAM techniques

Implementation of Integrated perception pipelines with optimized Deep Learning models

Ignitarium’s Software Stack Services for TI processors

Gstreamer based custom plugin and pipeline development

Vision and Audio AI integration

Low level software, high speed driver and OS porting services

Development of Software on Multicore Systems

RTOS, Bare metal and firmware development

Porting of Linux docker for rapid delivery thereby reducing the time to deploy new application containers

Texas Instruments logo

Texas Instruments for embedded edge AI

Texas Instruments offers embedded processors, software and tools for embedded edge AI systems such as smart cameras, industrial robots, autonomous machines, drones, and next-generation vehicles.

Our SoCs include advanced integration of computer vision and deep learning accelerators and large internal memory, which enables high-speed AI and helps you reduce system power and cost. In addition, our software development makes application programming simple and hardware-accelerated inference easy to achieve. You can accelerate computer vision and deep learning with Python and industry standard APIs (TensorFlow Lite, ONNX Runtime, TVM, GStreamer, Docker, ROS, OpenESGL). There is no hand-tooling required. Learn more about our practical edge AI solutions:


Enabling Intelligent Autonomous Mobility

Robotics Demo

Autonomous Navigation 

PPE Demo

AI-based Protective Gear Detection Platform