Deeply Embedded. Any deeper and you would be hard-pressed to find us.

Ignitarium offers full stack embedded design services & solutions to enable our joint journey from concept to a product. With our software team’s deep expertise in embedded system architecture & design, coding & testing, and having worked across multiple product categories and customers, we bring in a fine balance between customer expectations, technical feasibility, cost structures, timelines and product quality. No over promises and under delivery.

Do it right with Ignitarium.

Platform Software: Bare Metal, BSP & Operating Systems

We like to get our hands dirty and as close as possible to hardware. From the standard controllers & processors to application specific ICs, we work on:

Board Bring up, boot loader

Board Support Package: Hardware Abstraction Layer, Low level software and device drivers

OS/RTOS porting (Linux, Android, FreeRTOS etc.)

Or how about just firmware on bare metal to extract the best out of hardware.

Embedded System Platform Software list
Embedded System Middleware: Protocols, Frameworks & Libraries

Middleware: Protocols, Frameworks & Libraries.

Typically, this is what differentiates products. A best-in-class implementation and integration of middleware components decides the quality of your product. Our expertise in the areas of multimedia and IoT connectivity software comes to the fore here.

IoT networking protocols – Customization and Integration

Analytics & Algorithms – Custom implementation & Integration

Accelerate using heterogenous compute, across CPU, GPU, DSP, custom engines

Want to do all processing at the edge or do just what is required and send the rest to the cloud. Let us work together and make the right decision.

Applications: SDKs & UIs

Wrap your software stack in a user friendly interface, with some great graphics or plain simple LED indicators.

Qt, Android applications

Software Development Kits

Make life simpler for your developers or end users.

Embedded System Applications: SDKs & UIs

Case Studies

“With the advent of low-cost embedded hardware and easily accessible software IDEs, embedded software development is no more a niche skill. But doing it right certainly is.”



Domain focus


From Audio-Video peripheral device drivers to CODEC optimisation to Multimedia FW integration to Digital Rights Management to 2D/3D Graphics rendering to streaming / mirroring / casting, we have you covered across a diverse array of platforms.

Cloud Connection with Laptop, Mobile and watches


With vast experience in short range (WiFi, BT, ZigBee, LoRA, UWB, proprietary sub-GHz), long range (2G/3G/4G) and tracking (GPS) technologies, we can help keep all your dots connected.

Case Studies

Case Studies

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