AI applications on Renesas hardware​.

​Our work as an early RA and RZ ready Partner is a validation of the deep capabilities in AI and Machine Learning, and more specifically our proven track record of implementing highly optimized AI applications on Renesas devices for applications ranging from video, audio and sensor data processing.


We have expertise on working on a range of Renesas AI hardware:




RA8 series

AI pretrained library

The pre-trained AI library is a collection of Vision AI based software applications available to all. The library and sample applications are a good entry point for beginners to start work with Renesas RZ/V series.

Easy to Deploy

Pretrained AI libraries are readily available sample applications which can be run on the device

Open Source

The source code, the DNN model and the datasets used for the model training are all open source. Open source ensures wider community support

Free to Use

The executables, models and source code are all available on GitHub free of cost


Head Count
Head Counter

Monitors attendance of workers by counting their number entered in the work area.

Supported AI SDK: v2.10

Function: 01_Head_Count

Model: YOLOv3

Dataset: HollywoodHeads

Driver Monitoring System

Detects whether the driver is looking aside, yawning or closing his eyes. Prevents car accidents by detecting when the driver is getting sleepy while driving.

Supported AI SDK: v2.10

Function: 10_Driver_Monitoring_System

Model: TINY/YOLOv3+DeepPose


Attire Detection
Attire Detection

Increases the safety level in the factory by monitoring the use of helmets.

Supported AI SDK: v2.10

Function: 01_Safety_Helmet_Detection

Model: YOLOv3

Dataset: Safety Helmet detection on Koggle

Animal Detection
Animal Detection

Detect various types of animals entering farms or barns, for pest control.

Supported AI SDK: v2.10

Function: 07_Animal_detection​

Model: YOLOv3

Dataset: Animals Detection Images Dataset

Access control

Prevents accidents and detects illegal by detecting the entry to prohibited areas.​

Supported AI SDK: v2.10

Function: 02_Line_crossing_object_


Model: Tiny/YOLOv2​

Dataset: COCO​

Office Room Usage Monitor

Monitors if a room is vacant by counting the number of people in the room.​

Supported AI SDK: v2.10

Function: 11_Head_count_topview​​

Model: ​YOLOv3​

Dataset: Various dataset​

Human Gaze Detection

​Monitors the gaze direction of customer in the retail store, which can be used to collect marketing information.​

Supported AI SDK: v2.10

Function: 09_Human_gaze_detection​

Model: ResNet-18+Tiny YOLOv2​​


Elderly Fall Detection

​​Enables early rescue by detecting changes in body condition of patients/users in hospitals and care facility when they are alone.​

Supported AI SDK: v2.10

Function: 03_Elderly_fall_detection​

Model: TinyYOLOv2+HRNet​


Vacuum cleaner robot

With RA6M5 and RZV2L​ using ROS2 and Micro ROS​

Base Controller

  • RA6M5 based JP177 for the motor controller.
  • Runs the micro ROS node for base controller with micro-ROS subscribers & publishers for motor control, IMU and wheel odometry​.

Processing and Perception​

  • RZV2L controls 2D LiDAR & camera.​
  • Runs hardware accelerated object detection for obstacle detection/avoidance, navigation & control algorithms​.

Target Markets

Smart Building

Smart Buildings

Robotics / Industrial

Industrial / Robotics

Smart Cities


Retail & Surveillance

Health Care


DRP-AI Translator Mounting Flow


Robot Vacuum Cleaner demo

Head counting demo on Renesas RZV2L

Safety Helmet Detection

Safety helmet and vest detection sample application on Renesas RZV2L


Top view head counting demo on Renesas RZV2L

Human Gaze Detection sample application on Renesas RZV2L

Animal Detection Sample Application on Renesas RZV2L


Fall detection sample application on Renesas RZV2L