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In this example, we will build a multi-label text classifier to predict the subject areas of arXiv papers from their abstract bodies. This type of classifier can be useful for conference submission portals like OpenReview.
Zero-Reference Deep Curve Estimation or Zero-DCE formulates low-light image enhancement as the task of estimating an image-specific tonal curve with a deep neural network.
A “point cloud” is an important type of data structure for storing geometric shape data. Due to its irregular format, it’s often transformed into regular 3D voxel grids or collections of images before being used in deep learning applications, a step which makes the data unnecessarily large.
Low-light image enhancement using MIRNet
With the goal of recovering high-quality image content from its degraded version, image restoration enjoys numerous applications, such as in photography, security, medical imaging, and remote sensing.
Multiclass semantic segmentation using DeepLabV3+
Semantic segmentation, with the goal to assign semantic labels to every pixel in an image, is an essential computer vision task. In this example, we implement the DeepLabV3+ model for multi-class semantic segmentation, a fully-convolutional architecture that performs well on semantic segmentation benchmarks.