Autonomous Mobile Robots: not a distant future but a current reality created by the sharpest minds

With rapid deployment of robots in industries & warehouses to last-mile delivery applications, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are the next big technology revolution. Be it in industries or homes, the coming decade will see the ubiquitous use of robots to assist humans.

Leverage our end-to-end autonomous mobility software architecture expertise and in-depth understanding of ‘applied robotics’ to accelerate your time-to-market.


Sensor Modalities & Sensor Fusion

System Integration

Functional Safety

The Ignitarium Advantage

Technology Expertise

Demonstrable Expertise in SLAM, Sensor Fusion, Perception AI and Functional Safety

Cross-domain Knowledge

Leveraging Expertise in Embedded, Multimedia and AI/ML to build Robotics solutions 

Hardware-Agnostic Solution

Choice of hardware platform lies with the customer

Reduced Time to Market 

Made possible by reusable artifacts / prebuilt components and the right tools & frameworks


Ability to deliver quick prototypes, scale the solution to product quality

Flexible Service Offering

Agile methodology for creating MVP, start small but scale fast


Enabling Intelligent Autonomous Mobility

Robotics Software Services Overview

One software stack, many applications

Case Studies

Ecosystem Partners


Experience in end-to-end autonomous mobility software architecture

Scene Understanding

Deep expertise to build 3D perception pipeline

Development of novel deep learning models methods and algorithms for

  • Object detection and removal
  • Ground plane estimation
  • Free-space detection
  • Multi-object tracking, and more

Improvisation of current localisation algorithms to deliver robust pose-estimation solutions

  • 2D Lidars (gmapping, cartographer)
  • 3D Lidars (LOAM, NDT)

Extensive industry experience in 3D Lidar data streams for point cloud processing

Experience with both

  • Monocular, stereo & RGBD SLAM algorithms
  • Visual-inertial odometry algorithms
Sensor Modalities & Sensor Fusion

Expertise in sensor fusion algorithms for a wide range of sensor data processing

Proficiency in sensor integration and interface protocols

Background knowledge of state estimation using linear/nonlinear filters

Use of Data Association algorithms for multi-target tracking environments with one or more sensors

Experience in real-time Classical sensor fusion techniques for tracking

Development of algorithms for AI-based sensor fusion and object association across multi-sensor modalities such as one or more cameras, radars & Lidar sensors

System Integration

Our in-depth understanding of 'applied robotics' helps accelerate time-to-market for your products

Integration Services

Experience in ROS 1, ROS 2 and Autoware.

Extensive calibration of navigation subsystems including Mapping, Localization, Plath Planning, and Motion Control

Simulation Services

Simulation Services includes - Feasibility analysis, Subsystem level performance testing and evaluation

Synthetic Data Collection using simulators for AI enabled Robotics Applications

Outcome: Planning, Execution, Navigation

Functional Safety

ISO9001 Company specialized in IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 standards

Functional safety-compliant hardware and software development processes

Enabling customer products upto ASIL-D and SIL-3 systems

TUV certified FUSA expert

Safety Features

Human/object detection

(Lidar, Radar)

Collision avoidance

(Stereo Camera/ Lidar/ Radar)

What we offer

Gap Analysis

  • Identify the gaps in the software module
  • Review the current set of documents and process followed

Pilot Functional Safety Projects

  • Modify the implementations based on the identified gaps
  • Create work products to prove compliance

Functional Safety implementation

  • Identify the work products for the entire project. Rework the technical content and the process to make the module or library/Functional Safety compliant ​

Functional Safety Validation

  • Fault injection testing
  • Safety Validation testing
  • Safety Test Cases development

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