Artificial Intelligence. For humans. By humans.

The bots are coming; well – they aren't just on the way; they are already among us. Leverage the power of machine-driven cognitive analysis to derive insights relevant to your industry. Be it image, video, audio, speech, text or an aggregration of data types, we have developed proven techniques that can extract actionable intelligence.

Beyond the hype – AI by Ignitarium.

AI : Expertise

AI Expertise in FPGA, CNN, DSP, CPU, GPU

Dataset preparation, labelling and validation

Development of algorithms and purpose-built neural networks

Porting of pre-trained and custom neural networks

Benchmarking and performance optimisation of algorithms and neural networks

Experience with neural network implementations on heterogenous platforms (CPU, GPU, DSP, FPGA and custom hardware accelerators)

AI : Platforms, Libraries & Frameworks

AI Platforms, Libraries & Frameworks

Industry Focus


Extensive expertise in development of algorithms related to artifact detection in industrial objects

Capabilities in traditional Computer Vision as well as Machine Learning techniques

Expertise in layer reduction and weight optimisation in industrial-targeted neural nets

Expertise in conducting AI-driven Design of Experiments for solving specific industrial automation tasks

Validation of accuracy and trainability of customer-designed industrial AI engines


Partnerships and active collaboration with the medical ecosystem

Experience in interpreting and labelling various categories of medical images

Extensive work with SegNet, U-Net, ResNet for training and inference

Seamless integration of medical AI implementations into IoT platforms


Extensive work with real time object detection using YOLO, MobileNet, AlexNet, ResNet

Expertise in OpenCV and model generation using Caffe and TensorFlow

Integration of object detection algorithms with connectivity frameworks

Optimization of image classification algorithms for operation at the Edge

Case Studies

Vision AI-based Patient Pose Detection

    Edge AI – GUI based No-Code AI Platform

      Custom DNN Deployment on AI Hardware Accelerator

        AI Hardware Accelerator Benchmarking

          Real Time Color Detection

            Missing Artifact Detection

              Edge & Surface Defect Detection