Analog Mixed Signal (AMS) Verification

Eliminating every imperfection in the hazy boundary between Analog and Digital. (Other than Quantization Noise.)

Analog domain is pure black magic while Digital is punishingly featurecomplex. Our Mixed signal verification engineers come armed with technical understanding that starts from device physics to digital protocols, and languages and tools from Real number modeling to UVM-based methodologies, which helps them seamlessly scale the challenge of verifying the mystic bridge where Digital and Analog merge.

Do it right with Ignitarium.

Ignitarium's MSV Flow

AMS Stages

Step 1

Verification Planning

Understand the Design Specification sheet and behavior of circuits (SPICE+RTL)

Understand system level use cases

Identify testcases that need to be run on block level and full chip level

Identify signoff criteria

Step 2


Create models from specification or block level SPICE simulations

Support a wide array of modeling languages namely Verilog-A / Verilog-AMS / Wreal / SV-RNM

Check model vs schematic giving same stimuli/testbench and make sure they both are behaving similarly

Consider tradeoffs in modeling between accuracy and speed based on intent of simulation and optionally add the effects of jitter / noise

Step 3


Block level or full chip testcases

  • AMS / CoSim methodology (SPICE+Models+RTL) (Digital + Analog Simulator). View flow diagram
  • DMS methodology, (RTL+Models(Wreal / RNM)) (Digital simulator). View flow diagram

Step 4


Automating PASS / FAIL , currents, voltages, and delays to be viewed in logs

Automation done using

  • Assertions​
  • Checkers / SV tasks / functions​
  • SPICE measure statements​
  • Through scripts like python / perl / bash

Add coverage and randomization to cover all capabilities of digital in AMS verification

Case Studies

Co-Simulation / AMS Flow


DMS Flow


Lithium Ion Battery Charger Mixed Signal Verification

    Cortex-M3 Based Security Authentication SoC

      High Precision Analog Output Analog Front End AO-AFE

        IoT Gateway Device IC Verification

          AMS Verification for Microphone