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In this webinar ‘Android Codec 2.0: Implementation and Architecture, you will learn about the Android Multimedia framework, why Codec 2.0, its advantages, architecture and issues / solutions.
Tech Talk
In his keynote at MLDS 2022, Pradeep Sukumaran, VP – AI & Cloud, looks at Perception AI as the compute workload, characterized by data from sensors like microprocessors, 2D cameras and 3D LiDAR in relation to the trends of hardware accelerators, and also explore the ends of the spectrum, i.e., low power and high performance, using 2 relevant real world use cases.
In the 2nd part of the ‘Audio AI on Low Power Hardware’ webinar series, you will learn about Noise Suppression software that can run on low-cost microcontrollers.
In the 1st part of the ‘Audio AI on Low Power Hardware’ webinar series, you will learn about AI-based audio applications like Offline Voice UI that leverage the best of both worlds, i.e. traditional signal processing and deep learning methods.
In this webinar series, you will be introduced to ROS – what it is and what it is not. You will be guided through the world of ROS architecture, its components and tools, so you can get a quick start in this space.
Civil infrastructure maintenance is a constant challenge across the globe. This multi-billion dollar market – covering upkeep of assets like rail tracks, roadways, canals, bridges, cellular towers, power transmission towers, and pipelines – has till recently relied on traditional methods that were manual labor-intensive