Deep Learning based Vision Analytics For Smart Infrastructure | Webinar Recording

Civil infrastructure maintenance is a constant challenge across the globe. This multi-billion dollar market – covering upkeep of assets like rail tracks, roadways, canals, bridges, cellular towers, power transmission towers, and pipelines – has till recently relied on traditional methods that were manual labor-intensive. In this webinar, we will cover our vision-based platform and its applicability in infrastructure maintenance.

Ignitarium’s advanced deep learning-based algorithms have helped in both acquiring good imagery as well as enabling precision analytics of the same, allowing customers to use automated vision analytics on aerial and terrestrial automated platforms. Through our customized range of solutions, we enable improved safety, higher productivity, and significant cost savings for our customers. Our platforms have found successful deployment in the US, and we are continuing to build solutions for civil infrastructure maintenance worldwide.

Watch the above webinar recording where industry experts from Ignitarium, Nvidia, and AVerMedia bring out their perspectives on the application of vision analytics for railway infrastructure and more.

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