FPGA-based product realizations and quick prototypes for next-generation technologies

protoDesign Consultancy Offerings

  • System Architecture specification
  • Optimum FPGA selection
  • Hardware-SW Partition definition
  • Design of custom IPs and interfaces
  • Bit equivalent Conversion of Matlab/C-based algorithms to Verilog
  • Synthesis, Place & Route and Timing closure
  • FPGA Emulation
  • Rigorous Quality assurance testing of FPGA-based products

protoFPGA Families

  • Xilinx Zync Ultrascale, Virtex, Spartan
  • Altera Stratix, Arria, Cyclone

protoFPGA IP Expertise

  • Processors NIOS2
  • High Speed Interfaces DDR3, Vby1, LVDS, USB
  • Custom IP ImplementationVideo/Audio algorithms, UWB Modem, DMA

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