Simulating Real World Audio for Voice Command Engine
Despite the ubiquitous presence of voice assistants in our homes and workplaces, the technological intricacies of how automatic speech recognition works continue to amaze us.  One of the most crucial aspects that determines the accuracy of a good voice assistant is based on testing it in generalized real-world environments, which unfortunately is very difficult to …

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AI based Real Time Noise Suppression
Case Study: Real-time Noise Suppression on Edge Devices Using a Practical AI-based Approach
We’re thrilled to be featured on Arm’s new case study regarding #Ignitarium’s Noise Suppression IP for Arm Cortex-M processors. Ignitarium has come up with a deep learning-based real-time noise suppression software that can run on low-cost microcontrollers. To counter stationary and non-stationary noises, a traditional DSP approach is not sufficient. This requires certain hybrid models including a …

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A new lightweight CNN model for Automatic Speech Command Recognition on Microcontrollers
The need for Automatic Speech Command Recognition (ASCR / ASR) on IoT devices is gaining traction because of the increased interest in non-touch-based applications. This article introduces a new lightweight convolutional neural network (CNN) for ASR on microcontrollers.
Sound Event Classifier Blog
Building an AI-based Sound Event Classifier
The term Sound Event Classification (SEC), also called Acoustic Event Classification or Audio Event Classification, is the process of acquiring audio signals from an audio source, analysing the acquired signals to detect events that…


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