Human Brain vs Artificial Intelligence Systems
Artificial Intelligence has been assuming significance beyond academic debates in the past couple of years. Google and Facebook claims that they now have face recognition systems based on AI that can beat humans at the task.
The Internet of Things : Beyond the Hype
IoT seems to have crossed its Hype Cycle peak somewhere in 2016 and is well heading into the Troughs of Despair. The ubiquitous IoT device still remains the mobile phone with people preferring to use more of the integrated sensors in mobiles rather than discrete sensors.
Industrial IC design: Functional Safety and Smart Embedded Processing
Among all market segments addressed by the integrated circuit (IC) industry, Industrial is probably the most diverse with applications ranging from plant automation, power conversion (including conventional and alternative), remote monitoring, robotics, security, battery management, man machine interfaces (MMI), general sense & actuation etc. Add to this the natural adjacency to automotive and medical, and […]
Industry 4.0
How Traditional Industries are Embracing AI Technologies
Since the Industrial Revolution, industries have been looking at key parameters like productivity, quality assurance and cost reduction and ways of improving them.  From production lines pioneered by Henry Ford in 1913 to just-in-time manufacturing techniques evolved at Japanese plants like Toyota to the state-of-the-art automated robotics-based production lines in Western Europe, industries have undergone […]
A metro train
Ignitarium and AVerMedia Launch AI-driven Airborne Railway Track Inspection Solution
Ignitarium, a leading product engineering design house and provider of AI software and AVerMedia, a multinational company specializing in hardware for image capture and video transmission announce the rollout of a new class of aircraft-based railway track anomaly detection solutions, for the global railroad maintenance industry. Ignitarium has been working on a whole spectrum of […]
Industry Veteran Ramesh Emani joins the board of Ignitarium
Ignitarium has expanded its board of directors with the addition of Insta Health Founder and ex-Wipro veteran, Mr. Ramesh Emani. Ramesh was the Founder and CEO of Insta Health Solutions, a healthcare software company providing hospital and clinic management solutions in India, Middle East, South East Asia and Africa. The company was acquired by Practo […]
Ignitarium is now part of the Arm AI Partner Program
The partnership allows Ignitarium to accelerate implementation of compact neural networks on Arm platforms, especially targeting Audio AI solutions on Arm Cortex-M class devices.Ignitarium, a global product engineering company with expertise in Video and Audio AI solutions, today announced it has joined the Arm AI Partner Program. Cost sensitive Audio applications like off-line voice recognition, […]
A Train
AI-based Rail Corridor Monitoring
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new field; researchers have been working with AI since the 1950s. Today, AI is helping to make all modes of transportation safer and more efficient by identifying potential risks, tracking vehicles or monitoring traffic lights to improve safety. For decades, railways around the world have suffered from lack of […]