Ignitarium Gold Sponsor at MLDS
Ignitarium is a Gold Sponsor at Machine Learning Developers Summit 2022

Ignitarium is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at the Machine Learning Developers Summit 2022, being held on January 19 – 20. 

MLDS 2022, India’s biggest Machine Learning Developers focussed conference, hosted by the coveted Analytics India Magazine, is in its 4th year. MLDS brings together India’s leading Machine Learning innovators and practitioners to share their ideas and experience about machine learning tools, advanced development in this sphere and gives the attendees a first look at contemporary trends & developer products. 

In a virtual booth at MLDS, Ignitarium will showcase its capabilities in deep learning-based Sensor AI applications: 

  • Perception AI for mobility (Camera & Lidar)  
  • AI-driven Video Analytics (People flow, Pose Detection, Object Detection, Anomaly Detection)  
  • AI-driven Audio Analytics (Noise Suppression, Voice Activity Detection, Sound Event Classification) 

Focused on machine learning innovation, the 2-day conference will give attendees direct access to top ML innovators from leading tech companies who will talk about the software architecture of ML systems, how to produce and deploy the latest ML frameworks and solutions for business use cases. 

Pradeep Sukumaran, Ignitarium’s VP – AI and Cloud Software Division, will be a speaker at the conference, with a 30-min presentation on hardware accelerators in the world of perception AI. 

Be sure to visit our virtual booth to experience more. Register here to be a part of the Summit.