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We are featured as a key ER&D player for Semiconductor, Automotive and AI domains in Zinnov Zones 2023

Ignitarium's position as a premier provider of engineering R&D services across diverse domains has been fortified by the recent Zinnov Zones ratings.

The company has been featured as a key player in the Executive Zone for overall ER&D services, as well as for both Semiconductors and Automotive domains. Ignitarium was also marked as an Expansive and Emerging player in the Digital Engineering and Data & AI Engineering Services category; and in the Breakout Zones for the Consumer Software, Industrial and Software Platform Engineering ratings.

According to the annual report prepared by the global management consulting firm recognized for their insights into the digital transformation market, a few key highlights of this year's ratings are:
- Ignitarium's Automotive E R&D rating has shifted right from the Breakout to the Execution Zone, and made progress along the Capabilities, Specialization, R&D practice maturity, Innovation & IP, Ecosystem Linkages and Infrastructure axes
- Featured in the Breakout Zone in the Consumer Software, Industrial and Software platform Engineering segments
- Moved up to be featured as an Expansive and Emerging player in Digital Engineering Services and as an Emerging and Niche E R&D player in the Industrial, Enterprise, Software Platform Engineering ratings

Zinnov Zones ratings have become the industry standard for benchmarking software service providers globally. Measuring digital transformation companies across over 30 parameters and sub-parameters, 20 verticals, and 10 technologies, the ratings provide detailed and up-to-date market analysis. Zinnov's 360-degree assessment placed Ignitarium among the world's emerging players in the Automotive, AI and Semiconductor verticals.