Sitting too long
Don’t sit for too long on your throne…

Our editor asked me “for a small article so that people will read it …..”

Then I added “ Ok! done, … will write an article to make them sit and think!”

After the conversation, I sat to think about ‘what to write on?’

Then a thought came about a dear one who is in a bit of health problem, exactly a ‘life style’ caused problem… most probable reason: prolonged sitting, wrong way of ‘sitting on your throne’ And the aftereffects? We become dependant on others for most personal activities of our body-at least during the treatment times. Agree that every human child is dependant on others until that ‘self-consciousness’ builds, but after that, it is difficult to imagine, I think for everyone, as it is for me! Right?

Then why not write about ‘sitting’? Its importance has only increased in the last two ‘Corona years’ when people are sitting at home months together, simply sitting  and eating and sleeping and pooping through out the times, simply, simply!! Both major sitting times had increased. The only sitting which is reduced is the sitting in traffic jams, but others have  increased too much. I’m right, right?

Modern medical science discovered that those who do guard duties and those who do long distance driving, both had similar health issues. Why? Thus they started studies on the ‘act of sitting’ and it’s effects on health. They termed it as ‘sedentary lifestyle’… It affects legs, bum muscles, and  causes weight gain, hip and back problems, increased anxiety and depression and an unimaginable set of hormonal and psychological issues, causes cancer, increases heart disease risks, increase diabetes possibilities, increased rectal prolapse, land you with varicose vein issues, can take you through ‘deep vein thrombosis’, can give you frequent ‘stiff neck and shoulders’ passing thunders and lightning as you try to move your hand alone!, reproductive system problems and what not???? I am not scaring, please do a study; which is exactly why they tell “sitting is the new smoking”….. So you know, by now that by just avoiding sitting too long  mostly you will get rid of some of the pains you are passing through… worth trying. Be active-reduce sitting.

Now let’s investigate the start of the story. As, much of the readers are educated and hence achieved middle class or upward life, either by earning or by inheritance, I am sure that eating, sleeping, habits too have proportionally changed. When we eat oily, fried, non-veg items, we shall also  eat 3 to 4 times vegetable leaves, raw fruits and other  vegetables. We mostly don’t do that, because these ‘starters’ and laters are not that tasty. Obviously we tend to sit too long on the throne in the toilet and apply more pressure due to time pressures constraints from our brains and lives, or end up watching mobiles, reading and singing and sometimes we do day dreaming sitting there, about a ‘smooth day’ to come! I have seen houses with libraries in the bathroom! Some smoke, some eat pan…. Still a smooth sail is a blessing, that everyone agrees. But it does not happen naturally unless we practice a consciously healthy habit, lifestyle. Some resort on to medicines and naturopathic methods. But being natural has its own benefits.

In a way ‘Indian closets’ were much more healthier, it stretched our body and activated  the muscles… It also did not make it comfy for the person to sit long, as legs will go numb(and electric shock~!@#$%^&*()). It also did not form a confined air pocket where all bacteria and viruses lurch on to the wet skin and all body parts that is exposed. If you disagree please do a study why governments are funding research to find the pandemic affected areas by sewerage water checks? Why building norms suggest to have separate plumbing lines for plain water and flushing line? There were even studies of possibilities of corona spread through toilets in corona times. That’s why we have to wipe bathroom clean and keep it dry. That’s why we have to keep the lid closed while flushing. That’s why it is not healthy to keep tooth brush etc. in bathrooms. Don’t search more for the reasons for increase in piles, fissures, and fistula in our societies.

Time to stop. I hope I made you sit and think with this write up. Did I scare you? May be for your good and happy life ahead. Please think all these while sitting for long time, next time….

Happy sitting….

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