Ignitarium joins Arm’s Functional Safety Partnership Program

Ignitarium is proud to announce that it is now a member of the Arm Functional Safety Partnership Program.

Over the years, Ignitarium has built expertise on the Arm family of processors specifically on Automotive SoC. The team provides value-added services to partners and customers in the areas of Functional safety SDK, supporting them in achieving targeted ASIL levels. Ignitarium has homegrown ISO:26262 work product templates to ensure that the development process is ISO:26262-compliant and that the chip is ready for certification. Combined with their expertise in perception engineering, ADAS using AI technology, Ignitarium helps customers design intelligent automotive SoCs of the future.

Ignitarium’s offerings include Safety Architecture, Safety implementation in IPs and SoCs, Fault simulations and Analysis, GAP Analysis on Functional Safety compliance, Software Safety Analysis (FTA, FMEA), Automotive QA, A-Spice workflow using Jama, Jira, Jenkins, software verification as per ISO26262, MIL, PIL, SIL testing, Legacy Software reengineering to a targeted ASIL and Tool Qualification.

“The Ignitarium core team has had decades of experience designing Automotive SoCs and more, specifically executing safety critical designs such as Airbag, ABS and Powertrain controllers. Over this period, our architects and designers have participated in more than 30+ automotive targeted SoC designs. From one of the very first Cortex-R4F dual-core lock-step SoCs introduced in the market to a current generation RADAR-only ADAS SoC, Ignitarium has vast experience in ISO:26262 compliant as well as proprietary safety framework based SoC design,” says Sanjay Jayakumar, CEO, Ignitarium.

“Ignitarium has been instrumental in the development of our RoC chip including the design of complex DSP IPs and sub-systems. Their team has contributed significantly to the Functional Safety Architecture, Design and Verification of the ARM Cortex-R5F based CPU subsystem that forms the primary control engine of this chip; this was particularly critical since this chip is targeted towards ASIL compliance. I’m happy to endorse Ignitarium’s capability in ISO:26262 based safety critical silicon design,” added Otto Schmid, VP Engineering, Uhnder, an Austin-based start-up that is revolutionizing the ADAS market by introducing the world’s first Digital Automotive Radar-on-Chip (RoC).

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