The Emancipation of Mimi

I am sure one has heard of Mariah Carey, one of the best-selling artists in the world. The title mentioned above is one of her many bestselling albums. Emancipation of Women! The freedom gained by women in a world dominated by the primal sex. Women surrounded by men! “It’s a man’s world out there” – an oft repeated quote. It is indeed a sad truth; a bitter truth. Every woman must fight to find her foothold. With modernization and rationalism (common sense in layman terms) gaining popular ground with the younger generation, it will not be long before the quote above becomes a relic in history. Delving a bit deeper into the depths of this issue, the basis lies in the Jurassic age views that our forefathers held; that women are glorified domesticated creatures. Ironically, the fact remains that both the genders inhabit the same world and have equal rights.

Today, it is not a shock to come across a career oriented woman, a master juggler who manages work and family with equal ease and poise. She has proved to the world that there is no place out of her reach and no dream too big for her to achieve. She is humble yet proud of her individuality and independence. An attitude as tough as nails has enabled her to shine despite adverse circumstances. Women need to fight just to be accepted as an equal. Think hard and think long, my brothers, about what would happen if the tables were turned. I, for one, am ashamed at this pathetic state of affairs in this modern world. 

The barriers of centuries gone by lie shattered just like the Berlin Wall. Business, IT, Media, Pharma, Politics, Sports – take your pick; women have touched the pinnacle in them all and many more. Indubitably, the ‘average woman’, long confined to her house and menial jobs, has risen like the proverbial Phoenix from the ashes, shed her inhibitions to pursue her dreams and achieve them. They don’t call a hen, a mother hen for no reason. The battle of the sexes continues but on an open field. 

Woman – woo man. Disgusting is not the word for this despicable definition that sadly became a part of the male vocabulary. Well, all’s well that ends well. Mistakes have now been rectified. Indira Gandhi rose to become the leader of the greatest and largest democracy in this world. Hillary Clinton almost pulled it off in the US of A while Kamala Harris has broken very many barriers. The Queen is still the most loved figure in the United Kingdom. There is no greater testimony than this to augment the indisputable fact that gender is but a word and not a barrier.

Applaud her guts and encourage her because a perfect world is one where both genders live in harmony. Think of Kiran Bedi. Admire Antonia Maino and Jayalalithaa. Love Mother Teresa. Cheer Mary Kom and PV Sindhu. Cherish the memory of Indira Gandhi. Idolize Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi. Get inspired by Greta Thunberg. Learn from Indra Nooyi and scores more of her ilk. Senoras and Senoritas of this world, hats off!

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