Month: November 2020

Secure OTA – Advanced Security for the IoT World

Internet Of Things (IoT) is arguably one of the most important technologies of this century. It is driving us to a rapidly digitized world. The hype around IoT has been around for some time, and a common phrase that one often hears was, “We will have 1 billion connected devices.” This was flying around during the 2013-2015 …

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Ignitarium featured as an Emerging Engineering R&D service provider in Zinnov Zones 2020

Ignitarium announced today the company’s position in the latest Zinnov Zones ratings for Engineering Research & Development Services in 2020. According to the annual report prepared by the global management consulting firm recognized for their insights into the digital transformation market, Ignitarium has been rated as an Expansive and Emerging player in the AI and IoT engineering services. The company has also been recognized as a Niche and Emerging player in the Automotive, Semiconductor, and ADAS markets.

Batch Normalization: A different perspective from Quantized Inference Model

The benefits of Batch Normalization in training are well known for the reduction of internal covariate shift and hence optimizing the training to converge faster. This article tries to bring in a different perspective, where the quantization loss is recovered with the help of Batch Normalization layer, thus retaining the accuracy of the model. The article also gives a simplified implementation of Batch Normalization to reduce the load on edge devices which generally will have constraints on computation of neural network models.

Webinar Recording: Deep Learning based Vision Analytics For Smart Infrastructure

Civil infrastructure maintenance is a constant challenge across the globe. This multi-billion dollar market – covering upkeep of assets like rail tracks, roadways, canals, bridges, cellular towers, power transmission towers, and pipelines – has till recently relied on traditional methods that were manual labor-intensive. In this webinar, we will cover our vision-based platform and its applicability in …

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